Another 'collections' challenge

Hi Folks - again, a challenge with reverse engineering someone else work

In the ‘Link Settings’ box it is indicated that the image is being linked from the ‘Academic Programmes’ section, but I can’t see where this collection is introduced at ‘Parent Level’ - when I try to replicate by building from scratch, I am not given the option of selecting a collection - any ideas?

thanks guys

Is the image from the original site, and the readonly share is to the new site you’re building?
If so, seems bugged.

  • Your collection contains link fields
  • Your link is on that collection page
  • It is not inside of another collection list or something else that would change the collection context

Yet the option to bind the link to the collection’s link field is not appearing.
The Readonly view has had some extra glitchiness lately, but I think I’m seeing the same as you-

@memetican firstly, many thanks for taking the time to review this - much appreciated.

I’ve taken another look today and am completely baffled - as you say, there doesn’t seem to be a way of connecting to the collection list. I may need to drop in static content until I figure it out :frowning:

Talk to support- I notified them of a different UI issue relating to the Current state selector- they were aware of it, and they had a nice workaround to it too.

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