Anomaly on row of three


I am trying to layout the team members so that there are three rows of three. However, if you look at at desktop view you will see that the bottom row splits. This row seems to be the same as the two rows above so can’t figure out why this may be or how to correct it?


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Hey @sparky,

The reason why it’s bumping like that is because the team member called Anthony Avu doesn’t have a two-line title like the rest of the team members, making that team item vertically smaller and causing the next team member to get stuck in the gap it’s creating.


There are many ways to solve this and I don’t know which one would be best for your purposes. One idea would be to put a limiting width on the box with their names and titles so it ensures that all names/titles happen on two lines. In fact, I would separate the two pieces of information in the CMS and have their titles always appear below their names, not as an inline part of their name.

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Thanks very much! Worked perfectly.