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Annual Billing for Clients?

Any updates on when we might see this?

Here, follow this:

Hi @jcoger

Great question to bring to the next livestream Q+A between @PixelGeek and @callmevlad which is scheduled for April 3rd (usually 10am PST)

Unless @Lindapham or @AnnaKelian have a wishlist update before then?

It does seem from the outside like a strange omission, when both the designer plans and hosting plans (non client billed) have both monthly and annual options… :thinking:

Yea I’ve been following it on the wishlist (it has very few votes) and I saw that it was in scope all the way back in 2015 Direct Client Billing for Hosting Fees but it just seems like it’s been forgotten.

It was in our original scope, but we didn’t get to it due to a few unforeseeable complexity with its implementation and time constraints. That being said, this feature is still in our backlog and we are considering it based on user interest. The best way to get that info to us though is via votes in the wishlist.

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