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Annoying positioning

Hey guys,

I don’t know if this happens to other people but often times when I want to select text this happens:

Thats not a bug, thats how the editor works. This is so you can define inline styles to the text. Just click again to get out of it or just click and drag to select text.

@DFink I know what it does and how it works. What I am specifically pointing out is that when I want it to appear it appear on top of my navlinks. Thus, I can’t see what is going on behind it.

It always appears below my text and never overlays for me.

Hi @Hamzster, thanks for your report. Are you using Google Chrome and are you using a monitor that is at least 1366px wide? If you have a site link that you can share, I am happy to go take a look and try to reproduce this. Obviously from your pic, it is happening, so I believe you :slight_smile: We do need to reproduce this though and then we can add this to our bug tracker once we eliminate other possible reasons for this.

Cheers, Dave


Yes it is happening using my google chrome on my windows PC. I will try to recreate the problem and ill post a preview link as well!

not sure if this is the same issue…

but when you selected text in a text block - to change the text…
the overlay controls cover up some of the text - so you cannot see what you need to change.

This is frustrating.

Hi @Revolution and @Hamzster, thanks for the feedback, we will take a look at this and report back as soon as we have a finding. Cheers, Dave

Yeah this is the same issue I have sometimes as well!