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Annoying Navigation Panel Layer Dragging

Webflow used to have this nifty feature where it would show a blue line when dragging a layer in the navigation panel. The blue line would show you where you were going to drop the item, and it wouldn’t mess with the current arrangement of the layers as you held the layer.

Now, when you drag a layer it immediately begins to rearrange the layers as you hold and drag a layer to a new position. There is no blue line anymore so it’s harder to tell whether you are going to nest the layer in another layer or not.

Photoshop and sketch both still use the method that webflow used to have:
They let you drag a layer around the layer panel and offer a distinct blue line to show you where you’re going to drop the layer and whether it’s going into a group or not.

The current navigation panel is sluggish and annoying. I have to hold layer above another one and wait a moment for it to flash a couple times before I’m able to actually drop it in. Please revert to the tried and true method of layer dragging. Use the blue line and make our workflows faster and more intuitive.

PS I do think the ability to hold a layer above another one and make it open automatically after a moment is nice. I just think we can combine that feature with the faster blue line method. Let us drag a layer on top of another one and instantly drop it to nest it. If the user does decides to keep holding the layer, the layer below could then open. Refer to Sketch for this.

You might want to participate in the testing and feedback of a new navigator panel experience.