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Announcing the Webflow Team Plans

Many of you have told us that you use Webflow with colleagues and coworkers. Today, we’re excited to tell you about our Team plans that will make it a lot easier for your company to collaborate in Webflow.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do:

  • Work Together on the Same Sites – Members across the organization can access and edit the same sites.

  • Create HUNDREDS of Sites – Design, view and edit up to 400 sites! As your business grows, your Webflow account will grow with you.

  • Create Shared Templates and Styles – Design your very own site templates and styles, then make them available to the group. Templates save time by allowing you to reuse assets, and your team will produce consistent work because you’ll have precise control over the content it can access.

  • Transfer Sites – Hand off the sites you create to other Webflow users when you’re finished. This makes it super easy for others to maintain sites you’ve designed. Handing off the credit for building an awesome site, optional.

  • Manage Users – Invite colleagues and see who has been active (or not so active) within your organization. This is perfect for agencies that have multiple people working on the same project, and those that have several projects going on at once.

  • Import Sites – Move your personal Webflow sites into your organization’s account.

  • Get Premium Support – Our team will be standing by to help you with all things Webflow!

Sound like something your organization could use? It’s easy to get started:

Existing Webflow users, just go to your Account page and click Organization. Create your Organization, choose a plan, and get collaborating.

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