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Announcing MailPad: find & email leads directly - made with Webflow!

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently finished the design for MailPad, an awesome startup that helps business owners, founders, startup junkies and anyone with a service, product or company to find new leads (clients, users etc.) simply by searching by keyword.

For example, if you’ve created a new bodybuilding supplement, you might search for “fitness, workout, gym, bodybuilders”, which would return relevant results of Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn contacts matching these keywords. You’re then able to directly message these contacts from MailPad.

Currently MailPad is in pre-launch mode, so their landing page (also created in MailPad) is for collecting early subscribers. They offer 20% off a first month’s subscription to early subscribers. I did create the rest of the website, so you’ll be able to see this in a few weeks when they launch.

Here’s the link: MailPad - created with Webflow

Thanks Webflow for giving me such an awesome tool!