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Announcing a New Webflow Team Member!

Awesome engineers working on Webflow means we’ll get to ship new features faster to our customers. Today we’re announcing @danro as our newest member to the Webflow team!

From Sacramento, California, Dan is a front-end Javascript ninja, and will destroy anyone at Street Fighter. In fact, he brought two custom built joysticks to the office on his first day daring any challenger to step forth. So far, no one has.

Welcome @danro!

his favorite gif, in salute to dan’s love of all things animated:


Thank you @brryant.

I am incredibly honored to be a part of the Webflow team. I think my experience working with design agencies + open source software should prove beneficial to both creatives and coders alike. We’ve got some exciting, powerful components on the horizon for Webflow users…

Can’t wait to ship some new features! :dash:


Welcome, Can’t wait for the new features