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Animator & Voice Actor Website

My friend Jack needed a new website to promote his voice acting and animation talents, so I created a minimalist, one-page design with two-column sections.

This will go live by the end of the week, would love your feedback!

Jack Reeder | Voice Actor and Animator


Looks good! I only suggest redesigning the section just below his photo to look more modern. Having a tiny photo next to small text like that looks a little old fashioned. You can make it have more oomph by enlarging the text quite a bit for the heading, enlarging the body text and also the line-height.

Float a nice photo that is set against white background or a photo with PNG transparent BG in there. The design will look more elegant.

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Really appreciate your feedback, I was able to make those changes and they look much better!

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yay awesome! I am a SAG-AFTRA member so I am glad I was able to help out a fellow actor / performing artist. The microphone you picked looks way nicer than the vintage one I used.

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