Animations Work on Preview - Not When Published

Hello! I have animations working great on my preview site, but as soon as I publish it they no longer work and some content does not show up. When inspect the page, I see this error:

webflow.07adda52b.js:1020 Uncaught TypeError: $2 is not a function
    at packages/shared/render/plugins/BaseSiteModules/webflow-lib.js (webflow.07adda52b.js:1020:18)
    at __require2 (webflow.07adda52b.js:29:52)
    at packages/shared/render/plugins/BaseSiteModules/webflow-brand.js (webflow.07adda52b.js:1218:21)
    at __require2 (webflow.07adda52b.js:29:52)
    at webflow.07adda52b.js:49955:3
    at webflow.07adda52b.js:49970:3

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Kalitta Air

Any help on this would be extremely helpful. Thank you for your time!

hi @React104 I do not see any errors on Can you be a more specific what page and what animation?

Might have something to do with this solved thread from yesterday - problems with adblockers

That is exactly what it was. Thank you for the tip!

It appears the issue was because of AdBlock plus! Thank you for looking into it!