Animations removed still affecting elements

I started messing around with adding animations but it was acting a bit strange so I deleted these animations but now when the page loads the logo and navigation container scale down and back up momentarily and I can’t seem to figure out how to remove it. I went back to a previous version but the issue is still happening.

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Check both Legacy Interactions and IX2. Click on various elements on that page, because sometimes the effect is still hidden on an element.

I went back in and added animation and it works in preview mode but not on the actual site. It hesitates a bit instead of playing through the animation. It kind of jumps a bit at first then plays the animation. Any idea why?

Oki doki, which page & section is it on… I’ll look real quick.

It is on the desktop view, the left hand side where the logo and navigation is. And thanks!

I think I figured it out. I hadn’t set “Set as initial state” on the animations so it was kind of reversing then playing, almost like a stutter.

Oh great! Glad it worked out. Have a great weekend.