Animations only work once after cache refresh

Hi there,

I noticed today, that animations I use on my website only seem to work once after I refreshed the cache of the page. Then for some reason they won’t trigger on page reload. I tried this on different devices and browsers. It’s especially annoying since the burger menu opening and closing animation are affected as well. Kinda makes the whole mobile menu useless.

The thing is, that

  1. The preview in webflow doesn’t seem to be affected
  2. The instance doesn’t seem to be affected
  3. The error showed up days after I successfully published and testet the site on different devices and browsers

Which leads me to believe, that it might be a hosting issue. And that’s where I am of no use. Is there any known issue related to this? How would I approach the troubleshooting from here on? Could this all just blow over?

Read-only link

I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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anyone? It continues to drive me nuts. I even rebuilt the navbar from scratch just to be sure.

Is the site hosted on Webflow or exported to another host? If exported can you share the URL?

Hi Jeff,

it’s both, but the problem only occurs on the third party host:
I do publish the page with webflow though.

Thanks, man!

I’m busy for the rest of the day but will try to circle back to this to see where it’s at.