Animations on text are sticky and inconsistent

Hello! It’s my first time posting here so please train me on decorum :slight_smile:

I’m noticing my animations on text are inconsistent and sticky on page load. When I reload the page, the animations are sort of different every time. My gut tells me this is the speed of which the animation code is triggered? I’m really not sure, I’m quite new to webflow. I have some custom javascript, some large images, and lots of webflow interactions that could be dragging me down. It’s been hard for me to debug myself.

Home page: The text animation sequence is sort of skipping ahead to the middle of the sequence on page load.

Case Study page: The large text in the hero is skipping or slow to animate. The image in the hero has a similar unwanted behavior.

Here is my public share link: (Webflow - Fartfolio)

Case Study Page Case Study Template

Home Page

Hey Matt! The site is gorgeous, and I love the interactions! I know this is going to sound weird, but can you try viewing your published site in a private / incognito window with no browser extensions enabled? I just want to confirm if I am an edge case or if I’ve nailed down the issue.

Thanks, that’s generous! I have been viewing it in Chrome and Safari in private. They were slightly better, yes, but not perfect. That could just be the nature of animation curves stacked on each other? I’ve asked a few friends if they saw the issue, and they said no. Then, I cleared my cache and even took out my Locomotive.js to remove some variables. That’s what you’re looking at now.

Hey @ColemanChrisB! I was wondering if you could elaborate on the issue you found. Thanks for your help!

All I really noticed is that when I removed a certain browser extension I had enabled (Volume Master), the issue did not persist. But, it sounds like per the experiences of other users you’ve had test this, it is probably not really relevant. It made me wonder if it’s just a general performance issue with that many interactions, but it plays fine in the designer, which is even more perplexing.

As it stands right now, if I enable that extension, I can reproduce the issue. As soon as I turn it off, everything is smooth.

Thanks! Yeah I also find it strange that I have slightly better performance without Chrome extensions. I really have no idea how many Webflow interactions with text and images here become too taxing on the browser? I may try and turn a few off and see what happens.

I’m curious about something else, which I can’t try on my end since the problem doesn’t occur in the designer. Can you remove your HTML embed elements and republish, and see if the issue continues?

I just did that on the case study page, take a look. The issue persisted for me.

I’m curious about why that would make a difference. I took the advice from a number of SVG/Webflow posts that the embed method was better to use than just uploading an SVG asset. But does it potentially have a downside I’m unaware of? THX!

No, I don’t think you did anything wrong here. I was just grasping at straws a little bit to try and troubleshoot the issue. Have you considered opening a ticket with Webflow support in the meantime?

Thanks! I’m going to open a ticket. Appreciate you Chris.