Animations on every page

So I was planning on putting this on the wishlist but I was struggling to find it.

I feel like this is probably quite a common issue for a lot of people as I run in to it constantly.

There’s still no way to apply a page load/page scroll animation across every page of a site, with large sites this can be quite a task to deal with manually.

For example I frequently have to do a fixed navbar background colour change animation so that text is legible rather than lost in body elements/text. At the moment I have to make sure that every page has the animation applied to it. This makes it incredibly easy for there to be mistakes when edits have to be made. For example, maybe there’s another animation on mobile that gets decided later in a project and I have to go through every single page to disable the original animation, then add in the new mobile animation. This could lead to duplicate or missing animations across pages and just overall confusion in the project.

It would be much better if we could apply these animations across all pages, especially when components are involved.

Has anyone else come up against this issue?

Wishlist item is here

This is definitely a QOL fix I’d love to see at some point — but given that I’ve become more comfortable using GSAP, I tend to use it even on the more “straightforward” interactions.

If you end up finding an appropriate Wishlist item, or create one yourself, go ahead and update this thread so I can upvote it :+1:

Didn’t actually know about GSAP, just checked it out and it looks great! I’ve created a wishlist item here

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Oh your in for a treat with GSAP, just keep in mind it may take some time to comfortable with it — especially if you’re not comfortable with JS.

Thanks for getting that Wishlist item added. Threw some support behind it this morning :+1: