Animations not working when I duplicate container on page

On the Dinners page, I have a collection displaying in the top section, with animations on dinner-card that are working great.

When I paste the entire section (duplicate) below (labeled Past Events), the animations stop working for some reason. Any ideas? Is this a known issue?


I’ve tried duplicating/renaming the class the animations are applied to, as well as removing/re-adding the animations, and… nada. I’d be thrilled for any input here. Thanks!

Hi @robtour

Thanks for posting and great quesiton!

You can resolve this by setting each affected element to target the class name rather than the element itself. Then be sure to set the animation to Only children with this class (GIF).

You will need to take these steps for both the hover in and hover out animation list :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! :bowing_man:

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