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Animations are broken when I change something in other pages

Automatic response from webflow email support:

" We’re currently experiencing a high volume of requests, and in the meantime, you may also find answers to common questions:"

If you have a high volume of requests, that means you have to hire more teammates that should work for you. You can not stop answering, solving problems. I’ve not reached out to anybody else about my problem, no call, no video support (I am pretty sure it doesn’t exist.)

From the past 7 months, somehow I figured out my problems on my own, sometimes got help from the forum. But this issue is serious. I couldn’t solve it. When I try to fix something, the other element is suddenly broken, which makes me extremely pissed off.

I asked again, is there anybody else who can really wants me to help? Or should I cancel my subscription?

Ready only links:

Please don’t hide my post @Waldo , thank you.

What exactly is the issue? I think it would be hard for anyone to help you without more detailed information and some screens shots or video.

Hey there,

I’ll make time to assist you. As @webdev stated, could you explain the problem in detail. Yep, a video or screenshots will grab more attention from members. Hang in there! We’ll help ya :slight_smile:

I fixed the issue, thank you for your help.