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Animation Within Collection Not Working

Hi there – I have tried doing a mouse hover animation on the display of a CMS collection. It bugs and is static.

I want text to display as the mouse hovers over the circular black and white images. But it just displays the text over the image. The text I am referring to read QUADRANT [xx] REGION [xx] NODE [xx]. View the page at this link:

Please let me know what’s wrong :’( I feel helpless because I can’t troubleshoot this bug.

Thank you.

Hello @val,

Welcome to the community. Can you share your read only link? That way I can better understand how your animations is built. It kind of works on your published site but only after you hover over the elements for the second time. Here is how you can share your read only link

Hi @Pablo_Cortes
Thank you for your message :slight_smile:
Busy week.
Here is my share link!

Hi @Pablo_Cortes I figured it out!! I had selected ‘set as initial state’ in both the hover in and hover out, creating a double condition that bugged. YAY! Thanks.

Hello @val, YAY that is great! I’m glad you figure out your problem.

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