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Animation with a twist!

Hey guys! New to webflow and currently just trying out some animations to get familiar with it.

I’m trying the one that was taught on the webflow university (hope I’ve included the link). But I’m trying to either, add a cover image that disappears into the existing animation, or vice versa. The animation would disappear to show a static image below, with maybe a heading and one sentence underneath as it twists. Thought this would be quite a cool opening animation for some websites.

The only way I can manage to do this is by designing a section underneath and making it’s position relative, then dragging it up over the original animated section. Would this cause complications in terms of responsiveness? Would there be a huge gap where that section would have been? Is there any other way to hide a section over or beneath another to unveil it through an animation?

Any help on any other ways to do this would be really amazing.