Animation trigger not working on android

I have a horizontal scroll animation on my whole website. So I had to set up a scroll trigger for the desktop to imitate a vertical scroll. Works fine. I also disabled these to have a neat horizontal scroll with swipes on any mobile-sized device. Works also fine. Except for Android.

Android seems to think it is a desktop device and tries to do so, and because of that, the website crashes sometimes completely (black screen), but even if not, completely wrongly proportioned and scrolling also useless.

Link to read only

I run out of ideas on how can I solve it. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

I’m not sure if this will help since I cannot publish and test the change, but I notice that your .camera element has overflow hidden on desktop but then switches to allowing overflow on smaller viewports.

My guess is that the Android device is serving a display based of the total width of your elements. Resetting to no overflow could fix but maybe this breaks your animation?

Thanks for your reply. The .camera element needs these settings in order to work fine on desktop and also on other mobile devices.

On desktop I need to have it overflow hidden in order to make the scrolling through interactions.
On mobiles I need to have it overflow show in order to navigate with swipe movements.