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Animation tool for websites

Anyone seen this app yet?
Let’s you create animations from your desktop and then upload to your web project.

If using, works OK with Webflow ?

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Looks interesting. I’m curious how it fares agains interactions 2.0 but I think most of the animations on the home page can be replicated using webflow.

Great looks great! Thanks a lot!

Hey @Bradpaulp,
Have you tried to embed those animations in Webflow? Would be interested in your feedback :+1:

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Any news on this? Just got put onto Spirit today and am interested to see how it would work with Webflow but can’t find any resources out there.

This just looks like an SVG animation studio. And the JS file you reference then facilitates playback. Similar to Lottie (which works in Webflow) in my opinion.

I don’t have time to play around with this but I can imagine at first glance that you would integrate them in similar ways.

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As I understand it you need to host Lottie elsewhere? Same with hype. This looks like it may be not require that. maybe…

This looks the same way. You’re calling an external script that references your animation and loads it into the player.