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Animation to static

Dear Webflow community,
I need help :slight_smile:
Using the template klaer fashion and would like the shop search selector design. There is a line while clicking on the section and I would like this to remain static. How would you do it?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @ayrevisited, thanks for your post. It will help to get design help if you can share screenshots or screencasts of the issue.

So that the help can be provided on your question, could you please help to share the Site read-only link, see how to Share a project’s read-only link

If you can also tell which exact page you are referring and a screenshot of the elements, that will help.

Thanks in advance

Hi, I am posting here on this forum because Webflow support asked me to do so. Now I am not willing to share any read-only link because I don’t want my website to be public! Same for screenshots. Here is a link of the template as you can see the search line is static here, not on my website.
Thank you.

Hi @ayrevisited, thanks for your reply, Webflow does not provide direct help for design questions (see the Webflow support policy here: so if you are unable to share the site publicly, you might want to hire a freelance designer to help with the design changes.

I can see the search line on the template site, is this what you are referring to?

As a note, Udesly, the template designer, provides support for that template on the template marketplace tab under the Support tab:

I am not sure what you mean by “There is a line while clicking on the section and I would like this to remain static. How would you do it?”

Are you referring to how the search input border change hover color?

Thanks in advance

1 I emailed a few days ago the design owner and never got an answer. Someone posted on the forum months ago and never got a reply!
2 this is not a design issue but a template issue i.e., experience on the live template is different on my side. As a reminder, the template was 80 usd.
3 yes, this is what I am referring to, the search line.
4 yes, correct

Hi @ayrevisited, thanks for your reply.

I took a look and it seems the white border on the search input is changing to a black border due to the Focused state being set on the class assigned to the search input, see here from the designer from the original template:

I would reset the style override on the Focused state on the search input, learn more about editing States.

I hope this helps, if that is not the issue you were asking about on with the white line on the search input, could you help to provide a little more detail on what is not rendering as expected?

Thanks in advance

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