Animation suddenly not working

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue with a simple animation suddenly not working with no changes made. The animation consists of a word disappearing and another word appearing on a loop except now one of the words won’t disappear even though the animation is telling the opacity to go to zero. It’s very odd.

The animation is at the very bottom of the page. The name Kate should turn into Daniel and then back to Kate on a loop. Any thoughts on why this isn’t working suddenly? It’s worked fine for over a year.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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Hi @zoppinyc

The interaction has a conflict in the style panel as the “footer kate” and “footer daniel” text blocks are being told to be a certain opacity by the style panel, and your interactions are trying to change this, which causes issues.

It’s not a bug as such, but using both together causes a bug if that makes sense? You can use IX 2.0 to create the whole effect.

Here’s a video I’ve done for you to explain.


Thank you SO much, amazing!!

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