Animation stops after all slides have been displayed once

Dear all,

I have six slides in my slider. Both the image and text elements are animated. However, the text elements’ animations stop after all of the slides have been shown once. Could someone please tell me how I can solve this?

It’s hard to tell exactly what you’re going for from the question ~ but if I’m guessing correctly and you’re talking about the slide-zooms-in interaction which you have set to loop, you may need to reset the back to an opacity of 0 and move up back down the 30px translation at the end of the interaction in order to achieve the effect you’re going for.

Broadly speaking, just because you’ve checked the box that says loop doesn’t mean that the interaction will set all the properties you’ve changed with the interaction back to their initial values.

Thank you so much, Shawn! Your suggestion solved my problem. I wrongly assumed that everything would go back to the initial position automatically.

Have a great day!