Animation stop working when I come back with the Google arrow

First of all sorry for my english haha, i try my best.
I come across a problem on my website which concerns the page change animation, when I go back on the browser, the animation does not work anymore, the animation only works when I browse through the buttons on my own site, the google back arrow cancels the animations…
Would you have a solution to this problem? To preserve animations when rewinding?
Thanks for your help !

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Welcome to the community @benormalous :wave:

I’m trying to recreate the problem but I’m not seeing any animation issues after navigating to a page within your site and then using the back button in my browser.

Is there a specific animation that’s running into issues?

Thank’s for your help.
Yeah, when you click on “Mon CV”, you have an animation of a purple block take all the page to switch the page, after on the other page, you have an animation of bif line that desappear. The problem is when you use the back button, I don’t have the animation of the pruple block who take all the page, and after when I click on a button, all the animation disappear…