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Animation rendering fixed element unfixed... How do I correct this?

The nav bar is fixed but when you click the hamburger menu the position:fixed no longer works… How do I fix this?

maybe try moving your nav bar to the top:


Unfortunately that doesnt fix it. Ill play around with it.

Hi @MikeStvnsn, is this still an issue for you? I was looking at the site, and I cannot tell what the issue is from your description. If the issue still persists, can you give a description of what element is losing the fixed position?


Hi @cyberdave – when you first load the page, try scrolling. The top menu icon and logo is fixed and does not move. Then click the hamburger menu to open the side menu. Now scroll again. The menu is no longer fixed.

Its being caused by the ‘translate’ being added to some of the page wrap which breaks position: fixed unfortunately. I may just have to hard code some JS after export that removes that translate code when the menu is closed.

Add this in footer custom code and wrap it with <script></script> tags and it should work. Just an idea.

$(window).scroll(function() {
    'position' : 'fixed',
    'top' : 0,
    'left' : 0,
    'right' : 0

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