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Animation reappearing when it should disappear

Hi Everyone!

I was hoping I could get help from you guys in my website, the animation that says “We do this thing!” should disappear once it reaches the next page. And it keeps that way but for some reason it reappears again when in the “Who are we” section where there are two pictures.
Can anybody advise what am I doing wrong please?

Here is my site Read-Only:

@Omar_Khaled - welcome to the community. It looks like your read-only link is 404ing, can you repost?

Sure. Can you try it again, please? Let me know if it is still 404ing.

@Omar_Khaled - it’s because of this interaction on your About sections:



The opacity fades on the black background and because the masthead is in fixed position it’s sitting there behind it and becomes visible when there is nothing to cover it at that point.

You could hide the masthead after a certain scroll position or fade it’s opacity on scroll to prevent this. Or get rid of that fade interaction on that section.