Animation on Text Bloc element as a class


I’m trying to implement an action within an interaction for a Text Block, however, when selecting this as a Class it does not work:
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 14.58.05

In order to work I need to select the action to be “Selected element”
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 14.58.48

The problem with this is that I would need to create an individual interaction for each button across the website, which is not ideal. Why can’t I just select this element to affect the class? :confused:

You need to give the text block element a class, if you want to target its class.

Hi Vincent,

They have a class, but for some reason still says Text Block

For some reason the elements were not taking the classes, I did the component again and is getting the class now. Sorry for the trouble and thanks!

Bug, don’t lose time on that: delete the element, create a new one from scratch, with different class names. And prefer not using special characters such as underscore in class names. Stick to space that Webflow will convert to dashes. I’m not saying it causes bugs but it’s a healthy habit to have in every development environment.

I hadn’t read your comment before answering, looks like you found to right way to fix it by yourself :smiley: