Animation on page load working on every pages but one

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a strange issue on my website : I set up an animation on every subpage (it’s not the same on homa page due to the loading time of a preloader).
It’s this exact same animation (meaning : no a copy on each page), linked to the same component and element classes. It moves the hero headers, cta and black div from bottom to top.
It must start immediately at page load. It works on every page, but one, when it takes several seconds before starting, and I don’t wy.
I thought it was due to another animation is the same page (a loop), but removing it did’nt change the problem.

When testing in the designer, it’s fine. When published, it takes at least 5 seconds before starting.

Any idea ?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Raphael Homat

Here is the published page with the issue :