Animation on classes not working

Hello there, in this project, I have a “Learn More” Link block with 2 elements.

The learn More block has 3 copies in three different places in the website. I’ve created a simple hover arrow movement animation on the first learn More, and changed the animation settings so that it includes all classes not just the current element. However, even though on the designer I can see the change applied in the animation tab, when I preview the website, there’s nothing happeneing.

What could be causing this?

Note: Another problem, in the preview link above ALL three Learn More animation is not working!

In the preview link it’s working (only the first one)


give your arrow icon image a class, and set this class at the element affected by the action in your interaction.

Right now it’s only affecting the first “Image” element when hovering any “learn more” link.

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Thank you very much.

It worked!