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Animation not working on first click

Here is my public share link: [LINK]

Hey guys - wondering if someone can help me with this. I’m pretty well versed in Webflow (made this: But i’m having trouble with something really really simple on my portfolio site i’ve just started on.

I have a ‘modal’ overlay that displays when you click on the ‘work with me’ link on the right hand side. It’s supposed to fade in gently, but the first time you click it, it just loads straight in - BUT every subsequent time, it fades in how it is supposed to. I’ve been going over and over, and I’m sure i’ve missed something dumb, but I can’t work out how to get it to animate that first time you click. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something?

When you click on ‘sidebarlinkblock’ it’s shows ‘workmodal’. (workmodal is visible straight away in the file view as it’s only hidden by ‘initial appearance’ on the interactions)

Would REALLY appreciate help on this! - Thanks


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