Animation not working & modal container won't center

hello! I am new to webflow and am struggling with getting my animations to work. I have followed this video to the T however my animations aren’t working they way they are in his video. I just need the “under 40” modal to pop up when you click “under 40” on the AGE card. In preview the open modal animation works but it won’t close. However, it won’t start off hidden and the x won’t close it even those again I have followed the video to the T. Has anyone else watched this video and noticed issues or have any idea how to help?

Also everything in the parent classes and all that are centered as a flex display but for some reason my modal will not be centered.

here is my link: Webflow - BGCSF

  1. On the left (in the Navigator) click modal-container 2, then on the right in Interactions, delete that interaction.

  2. In the Navigator, click modal.

  3. In the Interactions scroll to the bottom of the interactions you created and select the one called open modal.

  4. In the layout display section set modal to none.

  5. Select Content Features Home10 (the one with the AGE card).

  6. Go to Interactions, add a new on 1st click interaction.

  7. Select the interaction you already created called open modal.

Thank you so much!! super helpful. any idea why its stuck on the left even though its set to center?

You’ve got a few styling issues that I can’t solve at a glance. But, to make the modal in the horizontal center, adjust your settings as shown. Make these changes to modal container 2 (the one without the dash in the name.)