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Animation menu "Affect:" drop down selection in webflow designer stopped working?

Hi everyone!

I’m having a very weird issue that has brought my productivity to a halt. In the webflow designer I’m working with several animations. For some reason, the drop down box that lets me choose whether the animation function affects a class, selected element, or trigger element has stopped working all together. When I click the drop down menu, a red circle with a line through it flashes.

Does anyone know what could be going on here? As far as I know I don’t think any setting anywhere within the webflow designer would result in this function not working, so it seems like a bug of some sort?

See gif below for a recording of the issue.

Okay, to add to the weirdness of this issue:

I tried edge and firefox to see if it was a chrome issue. Edge was bugging as well. However, firefox worked like usual. After returning to chrome, the functionality of the button returned to normal. So the issue is resolved now. What could have caused this?