Animation is triggered with hover in but should not!

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the “expert block” animation on my website . The animation should just be triggered when you click on it (and it works), but when you simply hover the hidden blocks, they appear! Can you tell me where this bug comes from?
For you to understand a little better, I recorded my screen at the time of the bug here

Moreover, I have more or less the same animation on the footer (horizontal expert block), but I can’t make the image move to the side to let the hidden blocks appear, as done in the vertical expert block that moves up.

Thanks in advance :blush:

Bonjour Jade,

Thanks for reaching out and for your helpful video. It seems that the issue is that there are elements on your page that are appearing on hover when you don’t want them to. If I understand correctly, you only want those elements to appear when the Expert Block is clicked.

To resolve this, delete the mouse hover interactions from the telephone and email blocks (the ones that are appearing on hover).

Here is a video:

As for your second question regarding the (lower) Expert Block moving left on click, I wasn’t able to figure that out. Hopefully another Forum member can resolve that issue.

I hope that helps!


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Hey @Tyler_W, :wave:

Thank you very much for your precious help!
After some research I had come to the same conclusion as you, so thank you for confirming my hypothesis.
One question remains, does this mean that I can’t apply animation on these two blocks? Indeed when the blocks appear after I clicked, I would have liked that by hovering them the animation is triggered.

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