Animation is not triggered in Editor Mode

I would like to give my client an oportunity to change the content on the site themself via Editor. However all the content which reveals by triggerring animation (click, hover, scroll) is not available to be changed, because it is not possible to trigger the animation and show it. Is ther a way to fix it?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - ReadyMade to TEST

I’ve had this problem before.
My solution was to make the content areas a component(symbol). Place the symbol on another page where the content isn’t hidden by the trigger. They can edit the content on this page and the update will happen on the page where it’s hidden.

I named the page something like “Services - Content Updating” and made it non-indexed. You’d just have to tell your client where to go to make the edits.

Good suggestion, thank you, I think it might work for me

I have also facing the same issue please help me to resove this.

Can you post a screengrab of where this “Enabled” checkbox is?