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Animation is loading buggy

Hello Dear Community & Webflow Team,

How can i improve the animation and loading speed or did i maybe mess something up with the json files?

The whole animation was way to long i have the flying objects and the flying delorean cuz i want them to play reverse after playing the normal animation i cut it in 2 parts (2.json files) and let them play reverse by the lottie function at webflow. Now im trying to get a way to play it smoothly but it wasnt possible so i try to play it by moving my mouse but i get always white frames between.

i dont wanna lose the quality cuz i need it fullscreen so what can i do should i change something in blender 3d or compress the files on a way with bodymovin and if how? And did i arrange the animations on a smart way or is there a better solution cuz i found no tutorials for my project.

Thanks alot for your Help!

Here is my public share link: