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Animation is cut off


I have an animation/interaction on this site that used to work fine and then just started exhibiting this odd behavior one day. The animation is tied to the scroll event and the text I am animating is now cut in half for a portion of the interaction and then becomes whole near the end. It did not do this before, the whole word showed.

Anyone else seen this or know what is going on here?

You can see it on the live site here in the 3rd section from the top and again later in the page…

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Hey @GoldenRatio

The rotate interaction is causing the problem. See here >

You need to play more with the rotate interaction

Piter :webflow_heart:

@PiterDimitrov, any idea why it works just fine in animation preview mode but then in site preview mode (and live) it does not? I messed around with it the other day and STILL can’t figure out what is causing it.