Animation Glitch on Scroll


I’ve noticed that there is a clipping issue on the right divs of my reviews section. Additionally, it seems that when I scroll back to the top of my website, the animation on this section is glitched. What can I adjust to fix this animation? thank you for your help.



Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Prism

@CaitlinRSE any idea on this as well maybe ?

@mxsime Try removing the Review Animation from the page-wrapper-3 div that is above the Reviews div

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@CaitlinRSE I’ve attempted to do this, but I’m still encountering the same issues

It looks like the Reviews animation is applied to page-wrapper 3, Reviews, and Reviews Title Container.
Try removing the animation from page-wrapper 3 and Reviews Title Container so that the interaction is only on the Reviews div.

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Thank you @CaitlinRSE , that was the solution to the issue. Again, I appreciate your time. Thank you, Have a great weekend! :blush: