Animation doesn't repeat after 1st interactions

Hi! I need help with the repeated interaction!
My hamburger menu icon seems to work when I click to open & close for the first time but when I click again it just doesn’t work :-/

hamburger icon interaction

Thanks so much!!

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]
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I duplicated the first animation, reversed the order of the timeframes and it worked.

animation “3” is just a duplicated “2” with them switched.

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Hey Kyle! Thanks, I really appreciate your suggestion!
However, it still doesn’t work. . . :frowning:

We can only choose one animation for one click at a time, can’t we? I cannot choose both dropdown open and dropdown open 2.

Did you try on first click, and on second click? I forget if I had done anything else to make it work.

Yes, you have it backwards. The Open interaction needs to start with a height of 0 and open to the height you enter. The close interaction need to start with the height value added and end at 0.