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I have been creating a form element which I will be using to collect client feedback. The design and implementation are there but for 2 issues:

1. My grid elements wrap to new lines on some of my questions and I don’t understand why. Seen in preview mode and when published.

  1. My button is not submitting my form data. The form has a recaptcha element and I know from other forms in my site that it’s ok.

Any help with either of these issues would be much appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Any help available for my issues?

Any webflow staff?


UPDATE: I’ve resolved part 2 of my question. I had non-visible elements that are ‘required’ stopping the form from being submitted.

Part 1: I’ve had more time to find issues with what I’ve done. I now realise that this error only happens on elements which I’m applying an animation to. The others are not affected. The animation shows/hides/changes opacity depending on a selection from a pair of buttons above.

My problem is if I apply my animation to show/hide some elements those element are wrapping onto 2 lines. I don’t want this. See images for the difference.

First: Why is this happening? It’s just those elements which are being individually managed with the animation that are affected.

Second: How do I stop them wrapping onto two lines?

Thanks v much for your help.


Read Only Link: Read Only Link - See Feedback Page

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