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Animation and interaction not working

Hi, everyone.
I have my website with a link : [Webflow - Hobab's Superb Project]

I have typing js and full-page js being coded to this page. The problem is that after typing.js and a finished loading screen animation other animation, such as hover over element, doesn’t work. Please help.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

I guess the webflow community is dead. It was so responsive and now you cannot get a reply even after waiting for days.

Hi @hobab_leo, thanks for your post. Sorry you have had to wait, I might suggest that when the site involves custom code like typing.js that you post on in the code help pages.

Also, since typing.js only renders on the published page, the published url to the site page will help if you can share that as custom code is not run in the designer in the read only link preview.

If you can help to share screenshots of the affected elements, their location on the page in the navigator and the interaction name being used, it will help to check this further.

Thanks in advance

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thank you for replying,
The url to publish site is :

@cyberdave Can you please help me with this?

Hi @hobab_leo, thanks for your reply, I took a look at the published site version first, it seems there are some custom code errors on the fullpage.js plugin:

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Custom code like typing.js and other plugins can cause other animations to not work correctly if there are blocking javascript errors.

I would perhaps create a duplicate of the site then remove the custom code, then republish and check if the hover animations work as expected.

For the current project, I would fix the errors or remove fullpage.js and then republish and re-check.

Let me know when that is done and I am happy to take a look further.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you, for sorting it out.
I will try your instruction and if work will mark your reply as a solution.