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Animating RTE children (elements within RTE)

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to web design and even newer to Webflow so please forgive my potential wrong use of words when asking questions.

I’m trying to create a portfolio site for work but utilising collections. When putting in a project description (via RTE) onto a Collections page I’d like to be able to animate child or element of that RTF to animate as they ‘Scroll into view’ however I can’t do it piece by piece the whole RTE animates.

Two ways I’ve tried to tackle it:

  1. I’ve figured out how to style classes (eg. H2, H3, Quotes, P) when they’re nested inside of an rte with a class applied to it so I thought you could do something similar with animations using combo classes.
  2. Applying to only children of class but it still seems to affect the whole RTE in one go rather than the children in the RTE.

Here is my read-only — you’ll have to go to my collections page.

You won’t be able to target children of a RTE with interactions. You could animate the elements with custom code but probably not worth the effort.