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Animating a Semi-Transparent Box with Type in a Slider

Hi, I am trying to find a video that explains how to create and Animate a Semi-Transparent Box with Type in a Slider? Anyone able to help me with this. So basically I want a title on a semi-transparent box to slide in or appear after each slider image loads.

Can you provide an example of what you’re looking to build? I’m not sure I understand well what you’re after (actually I’m pretty sure I don’t :smiley: )

Hey @lm1280

What you wanna do is something like this:

Yes similar to that. Like in this video

How do I do that in Webflow?

Hey @lm1280

Check this example I made for you.

Read only link:

Live site:

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wow. gilson you are awesome. Thanks for that. :slight_smile: