Animated menu not working after returning to homepage - fixed menu youtube tutorial problem

Issue sorted - turns out the menu worked perfectly after being published…


Hopefully someone can help as I’m working my way through the custom portfolio video tutorials and have run into a problem.

After completing the Animating the fixed navigation menu & outro (Part 8 of 8) steps and adding it to a blank page, when I click on the link ‘people’ in the menu and then hit the back arrow button on that page to go back to the home page the menu doesn’t appear to be working. It just stays open and is not clickable.

Not sure if I’ll need to add any further steps as the video tutorial didn’t seem to need anything further to complete it!

Any help would be much appreciated as I’m still learning my way around Webflow! I’ve attached the project link below…

Many thanks,


Here is my public share link: **

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