Animated carroussel in background

Hello everyone,
I would like to have two banners of text animated as a “background” (or absolute element?) to fit with a figma design.

Can someone help to make me understand how to proceed first ? I am not sure if I have to use negative margin or static position…

Thanks ! :)

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You can achieve this with setting the text element to absolute. Just remember to set the parent element to relative as the position of the absolute element is based on the container.

Thanks for your answer. I have done it however, I always have the same problem, it works perfectly on one size (1440px) but if I set the width at 1000px, it doesn’t stay fix.
Do you have any tips ?

Also I have tried to set kind of a reverse animation for the bottom carroussel. If you have one minute to check my mistake, I’d be thankful :pray: