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Animate Letter Spacing on Mouse Hover

Hello, I want to animate letter spacing of text and links ect on mouse hover.
Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks for your time and help.

It’s not entirely clear your goal, but I suggest playing with the interactions tools.


To get a better idea of this search in the university.

Thanks for the reply, sadly it looks like those interaction tools do not support any changes to any of the Typography parameters.

So I cant seem to for example tell it to on mouse hover: increase the letter spacing form 0px to 4px within 1s.

Or at least I cant find a mention of a setting which allows the animation of any typography values. If there is one there, please be so kind to tell me the path or even better screenshot it, so I and other users dont have to waste time looking for potentially an alternative method.

@Akashi_Seijuro - FYI: With custom code (JavaScript) you could add a class to an element, on hover, that affected the element the way you want.

I am looking for the same solution to the question of @Akashi_Seijuro

I understand what you’re saying but I have zero to none JavaScript skills myself. Could you provide me/us with some basic code for this? :slight_smile: