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Animate hamburger icon on clicking link to external page

I am using an animated hamburger button that another Webflower was kind enough to post here in the forums. It works great and the transitions are buttery smooth when I click on the hamburger button. But I have social media links on the menu that when clicked, I want to essentially run the second half of the interaction assigned to the hamburger. I have tried multiple methods but can’t seem to get it correct and so am reaching out for help. As always, any help is truly appreciated. My public link can be viewed here.

Hey @Aksaunders

I’m not sure what you mean by:

Could you explain what you want the interaction to do?


Sure. If you click on the hamburger icon, the menu opens and the icon animates to an X. When you click the X, it animates to its original form. What I want is to run this part of the animation when I click a social media icon. I hope you can help.

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