Anchored links only working on preview mode


I’m facing an issue regarding anchored links on my wbesite.

The anchored links are ONLY working on preview mode.
But if i want to try theme in “real”, the redirections go to the homepage.

You can find the read only link :

In order to see the anchored link, you can go to the page called : Publicités TV & Digitales
And you will see the anchored links :

Thank you for your help

Hey @LeftProductions,

Could you post the code snippets you are using in the site-wide custom code? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Hello brando,

I have tried to modify the snippets & it’s working now
So the issue came from wrong href settings !

Thank you for your help

Hey @LeftProductions

That’s great to hear! Nice work :slight_smile: