Anchored link not scrollng back up the page

Hello. I am struggling with an anchored link and reaching out for some advice if possible please.
The website has anchored links in the navigation, when clicked they go to the appropriate area but will not let you scroll back up the page.
Many thanks to anyone who has experienced something similar and can recommend what may be up.
Link to share site below.

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - HappyPath Labs)
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I’m not sure I see the issue.
Your nav links go to a Page, not to a place on a specific page as MOST do.
I clicked the Explore on the Home page. It scrolled down to Explore then I used the mouse to scroll back to the top!
Our Solutions then Tailored Solutions works fine also.

Hi Rory, you might need to share a specific example or a video. Your anchored links include a page URL, e.g. Our Solutions #hash. Thus you’re navigating to a different page and then within that page. When you scroll back up you’ll still be on that new page you’ve navigated to.

Hi Michael. Thank you for looking into this. The anchored links in the navigation are working (ie taking you to the desired position on the page) but when visited, it is not possible to scroll back up the page. Please see example video.

The issue only appears on the live site as the anchored link goes to an external page.
Link to site:
Password: HPL2023

Remove this setting-

Bang on cheers. Hours wasted trying to figure out whats up and you manage to sort it in one click of the mouse. Its unfortunately causing a knock on effect though. The colour gradient images are adding extra width and height to the site. I tried leaving the main wrapper as overflow set to viewable and then adding another div with everything inside it with overflow set to hidden but that wont work. Would you happen to know another way to keep the image gradients blurring out between sections but keeping the, all trapped within the width and height of the website (and still allowing the anchored links to work out the correct page height when visited, allowing the page to scroll up and down fully)?
Video example:

That will take some deeper investigation- typically you’ll have an element that you’ve assigned an excessive width to, or that has content that cannot be wrapped or reduced. Even an exceptionally long URL string can sometimes cause that.

Look for that, you’ll find what’s breaking your layout.

Hi Michael, sorry about the late reply, been away. You were quite right about the excessive width thank you - all now running 100%