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Anchor scrolls to far fixed Navbar

Hi Guys,

i have allready searched all the earlier threads but all the solutions dont work.
May anchors are still scrolling to far. Does anybody have a clue why abd can help me out?

Thanks in advance.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Looks fine to me but I would change all of your sections to not have 5% margins but use padding instead.

I’d definitely go through this course if you are new to Webflow. Nice design though!

Hi Dave,

thanks for your reply and for your Feedback. Will use padding instead of margin.
The Anchors should stop at the beginning of the Section here is where the stop:
and here ist where they should stop

I think its because of the fixed Navbar the beginning of the sections seems to be under the navbar.

Do you have an idea?
Thanks in advance.

Cheers Paul

See if Waldo’s reply here might help Anchor Link Issues // Sticky Scrollable Nav