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Anchor - Scroll To inside Overflow:scroll; Div

I wanted to create a one page sidebar flexbox layout. Where the sidebar is a list of anchors to sections in the box on the right.

However the tutorial to create this layout makes the box on the right an overflow scroll & anchor links are not triggering a scroll in that box.

here is a quick example I threw together.

Anchor links and the scroll to script are only enabled to scroll the body within Webflow. The anchors can be attached or nested on elements within the body if they naturally flow within the body content. Anchors can compensate for collapsed / expanded content, but have to appear somewhere in that flow. (I hope that makes sense as an explanation).

I think this layout may be possible through an alternate approach with a fixed sidebar navigation floating above and the scroll to anchors within the body content or possibly a fixed div with 100VH on the left column.

Could you provide a link to the tutorial?

That’s actually not a bad idea. That might work. Thanks.

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